Developer ergonomics for modern organzations.

Custom SDKs

To get started, we first have to listen deeply. Rebaze will have an engineer pairing up with your team to understand your workflow. From there we identify problem areas such as undifferentiated heavy-lifting, technical debt and bad-fit solutions. Together with you we will work on patterns, best practices and development kits for your software teams to focus on your core business area.

Developer Experience

You have policies in place but need more? The next step is to build, train and run a dedicated developer experience team. We help you with all of that, do regular assessments and help you connect with the industry at appropriate conferences and meetups.

Developer Programs

A developer program serves developer experience while it also delivers on governance aspects. We help you build technical solution for internal and external facing developer programs. This can be working on your delivery pipeline, introducing next gen solutions such as Atomist or entirely custom applications.

"Rebaze is not your ordinary IT-firm.
We are a 360°, developer-centric boutique consultancy solely focused on Developer Ergonomics.
Our consulting approach gives your existing teams focus for things that really matter to your business. "
Toni Menzel, Founder

Some common problems we can help with..

The Microservice Fallacy

The best fit in 2018 is probably the incredible hype around Microservices. While they have their place, we often see them as technical workarounds to semantic problems. Usually your business domain is complex, that’s why you are good in your business. Zooming into a sub-problem makes sense temporarily. It is often a bad choice to bake this “view” into your software architecture.
Let's talk about alternatives!

Semantic Convolution

Software Developers are often not well attached to business goals. Technology can awesome but are you sure business goals are aligned with technology choices? How do you find the balance between creative thinking and organizational governance?
Shall we discuss it?

Technical Debt

Non-essential complexity arises when you take many turns along your project journey. You might not be able to avoid this type of complexity but you certainly can embrace it. This means you need to be aware of their existence, learn from the past and always make sure to clear out undifferentiated heavy-lifting.
Shall we start with an assessment?


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