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Building the immune system for software

We are a german strategy consulting boutique spezialized in building modern software development teams.
As developer advocates our primary responsibility is to maximize the happiness & productivity of a software development team. The Rebaze Way establishes a software engineering culture that enables technology innovation.

Developer Onboarding

Its the art of the start. We see efficient onboarding crucial to a sucessful team. If it simple and cheap to start, you are more likely to take on innovative ideas and appeal to the worlds best experts. We assess, analyse and improve your developer onboarding process.

Work Anywhere

We think that you should be able to do your best work whereever you see fit. This means that we work with our clients to tailor the toolchain to work from anywhere in the world, even in offline. For example we create on premise mirrors for software repositories and establish virtual communication channels.

Mob Development

If you know pair programming you already get the idea. But mob development can make an entire team work together, share knowledge instantly and establish a great team spirit. Rebaze introduces your team to the concept, sets up the required equipment and participates as mentors.

One Button Principle

Automation is part of the DNA of every software developer. With the one-button-principle we encourage the extreme to any activity that should be automated. Among many other activities we encourage one-button-releases, one-button developer setups, one-button environment provisioning.

Learning by Example

Constant learning is important to keep up with the best. Learning by Example is proven to be an effective way to adopt a new technology or methodology. We create proof of concept implementations that help your team adopt the right technology for the job.

1-on-1 Training

Every single team member should receive optimal training. 1-on-1 training sessions can go into deep details that really bring team members forward. The Rebaze Way facilitates this training type in regular consulting engagements to deliver specific know how to every team member.


Rebaze Onboarding

What's wrong with corporate IT projects?

Up to 12 months to productivity

Onboarding specialists for a long time burns your money. It also scares away the best, because they want interesting work. With a huge ramp-up time you may never get the best people to work for you.

Expensive Specialists

The best people are often quite expensive. If you want them, you better make use of those resources as fast as you can. Your financial department will thank you.

No means to scale your workforce

If onboarding is a year-long effort your agility is defined by that too. You cannot afford scaling workforce as needed. It is rather defined by your onboarding process.

Innovation is almost impossible

Innovation happens best in many rahter small experiments. Yes, many! You need your workfoce to learn and unlearn differnt technologies, processes and environments. Your onboarding process needs to be optimized!


"I've seen many large corporate efforts, most IT-related, expecting a time to full productivity of 6-12 months. For me this is not acceptable.
Here is rebaze, a company to deliver world class onboarding strategy."
Toni Menzel, Founder

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About Rebaze Strategy

A little history

Rebaze GmbH is a german strategy consulting boutique founded on April 1st 2012. We are spezialized in early phases of IT Projects and digital onboarding. Before that, the founders gathered 15 years of industry experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen AG.

You can follow our journey on rebazeio