Human Excellence on Machine Power

What keeps us awake at night

Leverage Excellence

People are great at things that matter for them the most. They are intrinsicaly motivated. You want them to do what they are best at. But misunderstanding, weak tooling and bad communication slows them down. We want to make you a better expert by getting obstacles out of the way.

Harness Compute Power

Of many the things humans are not good at, machines are great. Follow procedures, churning through data, do boilerplate work, finding the needles in the haystack. We put machines at work.

Reduce Friction

Lets face it: Better tools do make a better expert. You can focus on what you are best at. Badass Tools are focused, tailored for the job and makes you a better expert.

Proactive Integration

Ever thought of what machines can do for you while you are sipping a coffee? How about letting the machine run variations of changes only to give you better error reporting later?

Expert, High Integrity, Creative. Toni is an expert in the field of OSGi. His knowledge and willingness to share his experience with others makes him a great guy to have in your team.
Marcel Offermanns, Technical Lead, Luminis Technology


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Toni has a deep technical knowledge in the area of OSGI and Java. His test skills are above average. He is a fine person to work with, clear in communication. He is flexible and a very good team player.
Henk Laracker, Lead Architect Planon