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We are in the age of flexible workforce. You need to adjust depending on the market situation. Being able to onboard specialists and solutions with a minimal latency is crucial to the modern workforce. Rebaze is a german strategy consulting boutique spezialized in early phases of IT Projects and professional developer onboarding.

Materialize Knowledge

One of your most important assets is the implicit knowledge of your workforce. You want that materialized in a way that is easily consumable by new employees.
From there we accelerate the process through perceptual learning techniques, a very efficient way of teaching. We find, create, customize and repackage learning resources for an optimized onboarding experience.

Establish Standards

Standards help corporations organizing important concepts such as corporate governance and security policies. You need to balance between industry standards and your own company ideals. You need to set, update, share and assess standards regularly. We help you with all of that.

Customize Technology

Vanilla products often carry baggage of things that you don't need and that are distracting to your need. But you always want to balance between inhouse development and technologies that are available to you.
By customizing world class technologies you gain tge best of both worlds. You keep being in control!

Automate your workflow

The worst thing you can do to your workforce is to carry around a huge bulk of legacy boilerplate. In the age of automation and the internet of everything you want your workforce to do what they are best at. Not what machines could do anyway.


Developer Onboarding

What's wrong with corporate IT projects?

Up to 12 months to productivity

Onboarding specialists for a long time burns your money. It also scares away the best, because they want interesting work. With a huge ramp-up time you may never get the best people to work for you.

Expensive Specialists

The best people are often quite expensive. If you want them, you better make use of those resources as fast as you can. Your financial department will thank you.

No means to scale your workforce

If onboarding is a year-long effort your agility is defined by that too. You cannot afford scaling workforce as needed. It is rather defined by your onboarding process.

Innovation is almost impossible

Innovation happens best in many rahter small experiments. Yes, many! You need your workfoce to learn and unlearn differnt technologies, processes and environments. Your onboarding process needs to be optimized!


"I've seen many large corporate efforts, most IT-related, expecting a time to full productivity of 6-12 months. For me this is not acceptable.
Here is rebaze, a company to deliver world class onboarding strategy."
Toni Menzel, Founder

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About Rebaze Strategy

A little history

Rebaze GmbH is a german strategy consulting boutique founded on April 1st 2012. We are spezialized in early phases of IT Projects and digital onboarding. Before that, the founders gathered 15 years of industry experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions for companies such as Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen AG.

You can follow our journey on rebazeio